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Spectrum service guide: Packages, pricing and more

Spectrum is a leading cable internet, TV and home phone provider. Shop Spectrum services near you.

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Spectrum provider overview

Spectrum is the second-largest cable internet provider in the U.S., with service available to more than 100 million people across 41 states. Some residents in Spectrum service areas may have previously had Time Warner Cable or Bright House, both of which were acquired by Charter in 2015 and now fall under the Spectrum brand.

What we like

  • Simple plans and pricing – Spectrum gives you three internet plus TV plan options, which you can mix and match any way

  • No contracts – Change or cancel your Spectrum plan at any time without early termination fees

  • Low equipment fees – Spectrum TV equipment fees are comparable to other providers while their internet equipment fees are lower than most

Things to consider

  • Price increase after 12 mos. – Standard pricing goes into effect after 12 mos., which could raise your bill anywhere from $10-$35 or more depending on your plan

  • Relatively low customer satisfaction – According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Spectrum customer satisfaction improved in 2020 but still falls below the industry average for internet and TV.

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Explore Spectrum services

Spectrum offers cable internet, TV, home phone and wireless services where available.

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Spectrum Internet plans

Spectrum offers high-speed cable internet plans typically starting at up to 300 Mbps where available. In select areas, you can upgrade to faster Spectrum speeds, up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps). Wireless speeds may vary.

Explore Spectrum Internet

Create a Spectrum Internet and TV package to get the right speeds, channels and phone features for your home.

Explore Spectrum bundles

Spectrum Voice® by Charter gives you a crystal-clear connection for local and long distance calling with up to 28 convenient calling features.

Additional Spectrum features

Discover more ways to watch TV with the Spectrum TV App. Also check out Spectrum Mobile, a new way to shop for mobile phone data plans.

Spectrum FAQs

Does Spectrum offer senior discounts?

Spectrum does not have a discount specifically for senior citizens, but it does offer a discounted internet plan for low-income households which many seniors may qualify for.

After the introductory pricing period is over (typically 12 months), package pricing rises to the standard price. How much of an increase you see will vary by which Spectrum services you have.

Spectrum is available to roughly a third of the U.S. population with service areas across 41 states. Check your availability on our Spectrum coverage map.

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